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Carnal Philosophy


On earth as in hell - I am slave to sin I can hear the bell of my funeral ring There beyond the grave - I sure know who waits There with open arms - In the land of shades Voices in the wind - Louder than before The sound of bitter truth - Doomed Forevermore In my head are a thousand noises In my head are a thousand ghosts In my head are a thousand voices And no jesus saves In my head are a thousand nightmares In my head are a thousand screams In my head are a million corpses Rising from their graves And there is no end to the pain within And there is no end - More pain life will bring I will pray to whoever listens - I will do what whoever says I am far beyond resistance - Shattered like broken glass I believe though i know it's worthless I believe in the words of god I believe though i know i'm faithless I believe in the faith of blood I believe though i know i'm helpless I believe in the truth of lies I believe though i know i'm godless Tell me god - Won't you let me die
Give me more sweet jesus - Give me more sweet god I want to taste sweet mary - Oh god i need your blood And give me more sweet satan - Fill me with holy ghost Sweet cannibal religion - Your god i love the most Oh fill my soul with fire and let me burn alive Your love will take me higher into the godless skies Come sell my flesh to satan - I'm sure he'll love my taste Come fuck me guardian angel - And cum upon my face Take me to the king of kings And i'll drink from the chalice of blood Show me golden angel wings And i'll drink from the chalice of blood Let me hear your choir sing And i'll drink from the chalice of blood End my mortal suffering And i'll drink from the chalice Drink from the chalice of blood Rape me - Fill Me - Take Me Your love my fuel - My drug Rape me - Fill me - Take me I just can't get enough
A silent calm procession is marching to the hall 'Tis time for resurrection - Come one and all The stars align - It's perfect - The moon is round Brethren of the old circle - Of lore profound Yes it is the hour - And yes it is the night Yes we feel the flame of his ancient might Light the holy candles and speak the holy words Cleanse the air - it's midnight - A distant chime is heard Behold the face - The godhead - Mouth open wide The sanctity - Black Icon - Living tonight Feel his presence - Bow before the goat - Baphomet Raise the chalice - Bow before the goat We call thee - We call thee - Come forth lord Baphomet Rise Drink the blood - Now
Stairway leading to the coven You can hear them singing Laughing - Dancing It's a stairway to destruction And a gateway to spiritual cleansing And the fear it starts to vanish It's replaced by feelings of desire Where the lords of light are banished And the flames of hell are raging higher Take my hand - Come with me and join the damned Take my hand - You'll feel the truth - You'll understand We are free - We've crushed the chains of slavery Now you'll see - Bonded by love we serve to be It is time for the prayer now - It is time for the rite of fire Let us bow to the saviour now - Who has come to share his power It is time for mercy now - All be cleansed in the cult of sermon Free yourself of the torture now - Trample god like a plague of vermin Into the coven of the damned
One last call to arms - Join in blasphemy No more life in shame - Death or victory Stand as one - United we'll conquer - Divided we'll fall One for all - Send them to their master - We're storming the wall Stand as one - United we'll undo their false kingdom come Blackest army - Stand tall Forever - Forever Raise the banner up high Forever - Forever Neath the wings of satan Forever - Forever Neath the standard of hell Forever - Forever I will never be what you'll ever be All i want is to enthrone the flesh You will never see - True philosophy It is carnal - Enthrone the flesh
All your pain can be conquered ~ Come receive it your name All your sins are forgiven - Purified in the rain Reduced to ash - Then born again A child of fire - Reborn in flames In the pit you're anointed ~ In the pit you are blessed Once a demon now human ~ You are free but possessed Cleansed in the fires of satan Cleansed in the fires of hell Oh scourge of the heavens ~ Your glory i praise Oh bane of the right hand path ~ Your judgement i face Like phoenix rise ~ From burning lands A child of fire ~ Reborn and cleansed


released March 1, 2011

Doomcult Messiah - Vocals
Avenger - Guitars/Bass and Keyboards
Hellbastard - Drums

Released by Kneel Before The Master´s Throne Records


all rights reserved



Avenger Germany

I was born in a dark winter night Thunder and lightning greeted me Now it's the time to begin to fight Kingdom of heaven, I can't see !

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