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Nuclear Sword Of Damocles


Corporate lies but Hamburger and fries Armed to the teeth The land of the free Highschool shooters But Free refill at hooters Either life in jail for weed Or Homeless on the street Society of decadence Government of ignorance Society of arrogance Pledge of allegiance Always prepared for war Driving big fucking cars Working 3 fucking jobs Still beaten up by cops Either Modern slavery Or death penalty If you don’t obey The American way Society of decadence Government of ignorance Society of arrogance Pledge of allegiance
Atomic warheads left and right Atomic warheads ready to strike Atomic warheads east and west The nuclear sword of Damocles Gigantic dickheads ready to fight Gigantic dickheads don’t care for life Who has more warheads is the best The nuclear sword of Damocles Nuclear weapons to keep the peace Gigantic dickheads Armed to the teeth Absolute power , fuck the rest The nuclear sword of Damocles Selfish bastards kill the earth Make humanity even worse Radiation the new pest The nuclear sword of Damocles
This is where you see The boss of Medellin And Shit you won’t believe Like Hummingbirds in trees Arena for bull fights A brothel for the night Statues of dinosaurs Motorbikes and racing cars Built upon the cocaine biz The Hacienda Nápoles Bodies buried underneath the Hacienda Napoles Don’t know any more than this Just Hacienda Nápoles And that This is where Pablo lives The Hacienda nápoles Plata o Plomo Dozens hippopotamus Zebras and rhinoceros Elephants and albatros Even they know he’s the boss For his gang he’s el patron The other half calls him don For many he means fucking death On the hacienda nápoles
Wolfenstein 01:46
Behind those walls pure evil breeds A host of terror , fascist regime behind the massive castle walls They blow the horns of holocaust Banners flow in red, white, black From their shades his first attack To kill the tyrants about time To blow up castle Wolfenstein Down in the chambers they practice the occult Around the black sun, they sit as a result Watching from a distance a growing desire flamethrower justice, the circle set on fire Sneaking through the corridors to stop the atrocious Blitzkrieg wars To kill the tyrants about time To blow up castle wolfenstein Ancient powers for the will through archeology Interstellar technology to build deadly machines Activating time bombs to blow up this place for good A flying object, to escape , he steals the haunebu He’s here to end your 1000 years And after that, he will kill some beers To kill the tyrants about time To blow up castle wolfenstein
Dozens rotten bodies found In a lake they all got drowned It was reported on the news A serial killer on the loose Oh She gets so hot When someone gets shot It’s not necrophilia It’s hybristophilia Oh she gets all wet When someone drops dead She’s a crime encyclopedia Hybristophilia She writes letters to the jail She would marry one right away Every murderer she´s heard of With serial killers she’s in love



released October 19, 2022

Recorded in June/July 2022
All guitars/bass/drums and vocals executed by Avenger
Recorded in the Somewhere in Nowhere Studio
Mixed and mastered by Sascha Bastian in the Journey into Eternity Studios
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all rights reserved



Avenger Germany

I was born in a dark winter night Thunder and lightning greeted me Now it's the time to begin to fight Kingdom of heaven, I can't see !

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