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On The Other Side Of Daylight

by Moon

On the other side of daylight Is the place where we live We are blinded by the morning light We are living in the shadows Only lit by candlelight Who are the strangers in our home? Are they afraid like we are? Are we alive among the dead? Are we dead among the living? We are the children of the night Who is haunting our dreams? No light can reach us in the fog In the garden of dead leaves We are the creatures that were born to hide We are living in the dark We fear to live We fear to die Our names are written on the graves Under the willow tree On the other side of daylight Is the place where we live We are the strangers in your home Are you afraid like we are?
Mesmerized 06:40
I walk the earth I rule the sky I’m hiding from the light I roam through space I’m lost in time My unholy calling is to make you mine Evil in disguise My bed is made of native soil My candles burn with midnight oil My sun is your moon Your day is my night I fear nothing but the daylight Howling in the night I will leave you mesmerized I am the evil coming in disguise I will leave you mesmerized Eerie howling echoes in the night Three lusting sisters in my nest We worship total nothingness We feed on your soul We drink your blood We know no sin No faith No god Evil from the east
The Pact 06:24
Somewhere far back in time I gave my vow to thee The day my soul shall pass You will find your shell in me I swore by the name of the nameless Signed the pact in the silent chamber I promised myself to thee You will find life in the death of me Dig me no grave I don’t need one Don’t look for me I’ll be gone I’ll be gone The crimson abyss yawns Time has come to pay my debt The light fails Shadows gather No hope but eternal doom
Under my skin a rising thunderstorm Fire pulsing through my veins Shapes unknown obscure the light Pale shadows pass my sight Seven souls burn in my mind Lost lives lived in foreign times Voices occupy my brain Am I born insane? Brought back to life yet never lived before Composition of the living dead Born in the shadows of the night I am the child of your unholy rite I am alive but should not live But life is all you have to give I am the one that should not be Take my life and set me free Burn the ashes of my broken bones Bury the ashes of my broken bones I was born to walk this earth alone Forever meant to hide I have a tongue but cannot speak I am so close no one can see Feeble voices in my head Telling me what life could be I am your shadow Turn around I take your life without a sound Tonight we will go down in flames Electric overload My soul is cursed and you’re to blame My eyes are blind My heart is cold Feel my anger Feel my pain When the stones begin to rain Feel the power of my mind Come and see the other side


Emotional traditional doom metal with female vocals. Together and with the inspiration of anything between Candlemass and Jex Toth, this debut demo contains 4 tracks of mesmerizing Metal with a playing time of about 30 minutes. This is the eerie sound for the dark age and graced by an amazing cover by Karmazid. Originally released by DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS on tape.


released January 22, 2021

Eerie Strains - Lyrics/Vocals
Avenger - Music/Instruments

Cover Artwork by Karmazid
Recorded in the "Somewhere In Nowhere" Studio during 2020 a.y.p.s. by Avenger
Mixed and Mastered by Sascha Bastian in the Journey to Eternity Studios


all rights reserved



Avenger Germany

I was born in a dark winter night Thunder and lightning greeted me Now it's the time to begin to fight Kingdom of heaven, I can't see !

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